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Angela – our dolphin biologist

Frogs position: Co-Founder Care for Dolphins

Founder of Dolphin Watch Alliance, Biologist Zürich University, guest researcher at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna since 2015

Whenever she can she is where the dolphins are, finning with her long blades somewhere in the Red Sea. Her catalogue of her 200 bottlenose dolphins in the wild is impressive, her presentation about her dolphin family, inspiring and her dedication is amazing!




Anja – our graphic designer, coffee, cake and animal lover

Frogs position: Freelance Art Director, Care for Dolphins Messenger, Care for Dolphins fb Admin

Owner of stunning-designs.com: She is the awesome designer of all our contemporary logos, adverts, stickers and flyers.

As much as she loves coffee and cakes at the cat cafe after 11 am, she is our helpful adviser for all social media questions and even managed to finally convince Sandy to join Facebook.

Loves swimming only during the months without an R in it….



Anna – our helpful fairy by the pool or behind the scenes

Frogs position: Booking and Course Reservations Coordinator, Fairy to remind us about all the important things and sending out our Newsletter on time, Care for Dolphins Messenger

She is always willing to help, happily looking for solutions to meet the clients requests, what so ever is needed.




Frogs Position: Mascot

  FROSCH dicker RGB  



Becky – broadcasting our message of dolphin-friendly behaviour out to the whole world

Frogs position: Care for Dolphins Messenger

Her whole family adore snorkelling in the Red Sea as often as they can. She is thoroughly dedicated to educate others on important conservation awareness issues to keep the Red Sea and its environments safe and clean for humans, plants and animals.



Chris – our superwoman

Frogs position: Sea Swim Coach and Lifeguard

Retired nurse who loves swimming in the sea and enjoys living in El Gouna. Initiator of The Big Swim – El Gouna Long Distance Swimming Competition.

Her cakes and sweets (freshly baked daily for her husband Dave and in case any Frogs come to visit) are as amazing as her daily swimming sessions in her lagoon all through the winter.



Dave – our kayak man

Frogs position: Sea Swim Coach and Lifeguard

Retired sports lover and husband of Chris, Dave loves being hands on in the house or on the beach. Chief of water safety measures for The Big Swim on his kayak – El Gouna Long Distance Swimming Competition.

He can always be found doing something active somewhere in El Gouna, whatever day of the week it is.



Denise – our smiliest frog who always keeps going no matter what

Frogs position: SSI Swim Teacher Instructor, SSI Lifeguard Instructor, SSI React Right Instructor, Personal Swim Trainer and involved in all the Frogs Specialties in her role as Educational Manager.

She can turn her hand to anything, whether it is changing a tyre in record time, breaking into Sandy’s house (with her permission of course!) or teaching our Frogs how to swim the perfect stroke.

Previous History: Teacher (ages 7-16 years), Diving Instructor, Special Needs teacher

She loves nature, riding horses at the beach with her two daughters, Amina and Raya and diving in the underwater environment of the Red Sea from time to time.



Elena – our Safari lady

Frogs Position: Care for Dolphins Messenger

Originally from Estonia, Elena left for St Petersburg, Russia in 1985. She studied Interior Design until 1997 and then became a school teacher until she came to Egypt, became a Divemaster and fell in love with her now husband with whom she runs a dive centre and owns a lovely safari boat, Nadine.



Ilge – our Admin Angel

Frogs Positions: Administrator, Trainee Swim Instructor

Ilge came to Hurghada from Latvia in March to marry her love! She is brilliant with the kids and is a fantastic admin assistant and is helping us with our database and trying to keep us up to date with our registrations and payment packages. She loves to read, travel and has been to Malta, Greece, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Canada so far. She loves to meet new people and has become an essential and well-loved member of the Frogs team.



Julia – our helpful hand in and around the pool and sea

Frogs Position: SSI Swim Teacher, Care for Dolphins Messenger

The sweetest soul with the kindest heart and an absolute star with our baby and toddler swim groups. She knows all the words to all the Frogs songs and it is always fun to hear her singing in her own special Julia tunes. She sets our little tadpoles on their way to becoming successful singing swimming Froggies.



Kasia – our sports woman

Frogs position: SSI Lifeguard concentrating on teens and adults, Care for Dolphins Messenger

Kasia started as a Representative and then was promoted to Destination Manager at Ecco Holidays and then moved on to Sun & Fun and TUI in the same role. She trained as a sports teacher and achieved diplomas as a swimming, gymnastics and kite surf instructor, impressive all in all.

In her spare time Kasia loves to spend time with her husband and their boys Karim and Adam in Safaga and also loves reading, staying fit and healthy, kitesurfing and, of course, swimming!



Karim our sea of tranquility!

Frogs Position: SSI Swim Teacher

Karim moved his entire family from Cairo to Hurghada to work with us and has provided us with an air of much-needed calm and peace! He is fantastic with our younger students and is wonderful with our special needs swimmers too. His is super polite and nothing is too much trouble for him.



Lena – our photographer and selfie star

Frogs positions: SSI Swim Teacher, SSI Lifeguard, Care for Dolphins Messenger

Lena came to Egypt in 2000. Before that she was an office manager in St Petersburg and was educated as a Technology Engineer. In 2003 she became a Dive Instructor and worked in Taba, Thailand, Lebanon and Tenerife before settling in Hurghada. She came to Frogs as a client with her daughter Mariam initially and then got more and more involved until she became a vital member of our team.

She loves photography and specialises in underwater photographs, which has come in really handy for us as you can see from our website and facebook page! Considering how often we swim she has the driest sense of humor of the whole team and can always make us giggle.
  lena neu  



Magda – our mine of information and suggestions for sustainable ideas, events and more

Frogs position: SSI Swim Teacher, Sea Swim Coach, Care for Dolphins Messenger

She is a PADI MSDT and has been living in Hurghada since 2001 where she took part in a few beach cleanups and up until now only one :( underwater cleanup. So that’s Magda’s next organisational task!

She is very passionate about what she believes in which is a great advantage for us and our Care for Dolphins program. She is always happy to get involved in our various crazy ideas and keeps us on our toes by always being on time. She speaks Polish, Russian, English and French fluently.



Melanie – our genuine French Frog!

Frogs position: SSI Swim Teacher, Care for Dolphins Messenger

First arrived in Hurghada on a diving holiday in 2006. She met her Egyptian husband to be at a dive show in Paris and finally moved to Egypt in 2011. She originally trained as a gymnastic instructor for 3 years and then retrained as a software trainer. She was the president and instructor of the French Diving Association. She was a divemaster& stopped diving when she had her first child.

Melanie first came to Frogs as a client and then became interested in training to be a swimming instructor. Up to now Melanie has attained her Baby & Me instructor certificate and is planning to complete her Level 1 certification in the near future.

Melanie is extremely good with the children and is also very helpful when it comes to IT issues and helping us to fix our ancient printer!!


  mohammed neu  

Mohamed – our sophisticated artist and architect

Frogs position: Trainee Swim Teacher, Lifeguard, Care for Dolphins Messenger

Mohamed started to swim at a very early age and at the age of 7 he was selected to be a swim team member in a Cairo swim club competing against other clubs. Here he further developed his 4 swim strokes.

He took a break from swimming to concentrate on his Architectural studies when he attended the University of Fine Arts in Cairo and then moved on to take his Urban Development Masters degree at TUBerlin, El Gouna.

ElGouna is where he discovered Frogs Swim Academy and he became the fastest ever employee, joining a team rescue training course just five minutes after his first interview!

Hobbies: In between studying and swimming with Frogs Mohamed enjoys playing the piano and hanging out with friends.



Meriem- The Deck Handler

Frogs Position: Registration and Deck Coordinator

Meriem has been living in Hurghada for 4 years and was living in Aswan before but is originally from Morocco. She has 2 children, Ayoub, 11 and Sabrina who is 9. Her 1st work experience is with Frogs but one would think she has been doing it for years – she’s a natural!

Meriem is amazing with our clients and students and can deal with everyone with her friendly and funny personality and make sure that everyone is as organised as possible!



Misho – Mission is Possible!

Frogs Position: SSI Swim Teacher

Misho used to be a swim instructor in Cairo and is also a trained tour leader taking Serbian tourists around different historical places of interest in Egypt, namely Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Alexandria.

Misho is cool, calm & collected and could even be mistaken for one of the fighter pilots from Top Gun with his aviator sunglasses on!

He has been in Hurghada for 7 years and plans on staying as long as possible. In his spare time he likes to go fishing, visit his sisters and 2 young nephews.



Nadia – our eloquent native English speaker and the British voice of our publications

Frogs position: SSI Swim Teacher, SSI Lifeguard Instructor, Sea Swim Coach, Social Media and Events Coordinator, Publications Editor, General Admin and Care for Dolphins Messenger

Previous History: Cabin Crew, Hotel Receptionist, Workplace First Aider, Tourism Officer

She is so funny and loves anything to do with the water! Swimming, scuba diving, SUP, kayaking also, yoga, her niece and nephew and her two Swiss guinea pigs (courtesy of Sandy)!!


  cfd dolphin  

The Dolphin

Frogs position: Inhabitant of the Red Sea.

The Frogs team is part of the Care for Dolphins project which aims to raise awareness about these beautiful mammals and supports their protection.



Remon – our essential Care for Dolphins negotiator

Frogs position: Trainee Swim Teacher, Sea Swim Coach and Care for Dolphins Messenger

Remon has been the essential cog in the wheel that took us on our journey to the successful cooperation between Care for Dolphins and the National Parks which resulted in us being able to show the Governor of Hurghada first-hand the new protected sleeping zones for our local dolphins. He was even awarded the coveted Frogs Certificate of Distinction and Appreciation for all his efforts.




Sabiene – our doggy mascot’s mum

Frogs position: Sea Swim Coach and Lifeguard

Sabiene loves to swim like a frog and we love it when she and her dog, Pinot, join us at our sea swim club. Her love of the water also stretches to sailing and kiting and she is a keen cyclist and can often be spotted cycling round El Gouna.



Sam – our long distance super pro  

Frogs position: SSI Swim Teacher

Sam used to compete as a long distance swimmer and has reconnected with the water by joining our Frogs team as a swim instructor. Her quiet but assertive demeanour ensures that she gets the best out of her students and she is wonderful with some of our special needs students too. She is calm and easy-going and a pleasure to be around whether making sales rounds at hotels in the searing heat or supporting her groups in the cool of the pool.


  sandy neu  

Last but not least:

Sandy – our crazy team leader

Frogs position: Founder, Owner and CEO Freds Egypt and Frogs Swim Academy, SSI Swim Teacher Instructor Trainer, SSI Lifeguard Instructor, SSI React Right Instructor, EFR Instructor, Personal Swim Trainer, Special Needs Swimming Instructor

Previous History: Marketingplaner, founder of Pro Sea Team Diving Center, aerobics instructor

Her idea to open the first swim school at the Red Sea was born in 2005 during a holiday abroad and from there things developed to the point where she also founded, within the successful swim school, the Care for Safety Campaign in 2011 and in 2012 the Care for Dolphins program which was brought together through a shared vision with Angela Ziltener, Marine Biologist and founder of the Dolphin Watch Alliance.

Since then things have moved on and diversified through the following timeline to the point where we are now, which is stronger and more focussed than ever:

2013 - Medical First Aid

2014 - Aquarelax

2015 - Fin Swimming

        - Mermaid and Monofin Swimming

2016 - Relaunch as Frogs Swim Academy in affiliation with SSI Swim Schools International

        - Establishing Frogs Lifeguard Academy in affiliation with SSI Lifeguard Program as first SSI Swim &             Lifeguard School in the Middle East & Africa

2017 - Freeswimming Eventweeks

Sandy has just too many ideas to fit into one life, from A as in Adult Swim Instructor to Z like in Zoo just like the one in her house where she has more than one hundred animals!



  Job Vacancies  


We are always looking for passionate individuals who would like to join our dynamic team and help us to provide high standard training and education in a professional and friendly environment.

If you are inspired by what we do and feel like one, some or all of our learning avenues and projects are something that you could contribute to we would love to hear from you. We can offer flexible working hours, valuable training in your chosen interest and a rewarding profession within the watersports sector.