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Swim School International


Frogs Swim Academy Egypt is proud of being the first and most successful swim school in the Hurghada area and has been operating since 2006.


Our Vision

We wish to share our love of the water with everyone and provide fun and laughter in a safe learning environment where students can make the most of their skills and potential.

Our main aim is to educate people in self rescue competencies, regardless of age and ability, and we offer a range of personalised courses and learning aids in order to achieve this.

We want to lead the way in safety, health and rescue education, being proactive within our schools and the community, which will lead to everyone being more knowledgeable and aware of their environments.


Our Core Values

Safety - The ultimate goal for our company’s overall success.

Trust – A mutual respect and confidence in people. It requires an open, honest, forthright manner.

Confidence – Taking initiative, handling the unexpected and being supportive ofthe efforts of others. Taking bold, innovative, creative actions to capitalise on opportunities.

Teamwork – Personal involvement and collaboration including setting a common goal and making an individual commitment to the team’s success.

Accountability – Ownership, accountability and responsibility for personal actions. Making decisions and hold oneself responsible for the consequences.

Quality – The primary determinant of our client’s satisfaction and loyalty. Better quality translates into better value for our clients.

Doing What’s Right – Being honest, ethical, and having personal and professional integrity. It means consistently treating all people fairly and delivering on promises.