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Swim School International

Frogs Swim Academy is now an official Swim Schools International (SSI) swim centre using the SSI educational programs as an authorised dealer in all our training facilities.


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Scuba Schools International (SSI) is a well-regarded, well known worldwide brand and is one of the world’s leading dive training organisations. Swim School International (SSI) is,as part of this,the first internationally recognised swimming program provider and we are proud to be the only one in the entire Middle Eastern & African region offering the full range of SSI swim courses plus the SSI lifeguarding program.

Through SSI we will be able to provide our clients with an even higher level of service through standardised swim education & training materials that are uniform worldwide.

We will still maintain our family-friendly & approachable Frogs identity by knitting our ethos & swim levels together with those of SSI to ensure consistent professionalism and our personal touch.


SSI Swim Academy

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Our main goal at Frogs Swim Academy is to make swimming available to all ages & abilities with the emphasis being on safety in and around the water.

We offer different swimming levels meaning that students can join in at any stage suitable to their abilities & interests. This way our swimmers can move through the learning process at their own pace.

At every step there is the opportunity to gain internationally recognised SSI certificates which not only provide a good learning incentive but also a passport which can be used to continue swimming, lifeguarding, freediving and scuba diving education at any SSI training facility worldwide.

Specialities also provide the option for our swimmers to diversify into different areas of swimming. It could be that a student really enjoys competing and would therefore join our Junior Olympians Program, or maybe loves to show others how to respect and enjoy the water through our Sea Swim Coach or Swim Professional Program or even moving into the Safety, Risk & Rescue sector by pursuing a career as an SSI Lifeguard.


SSI Lifeguard Academy

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Here we will develop future lifesavers and open doors to careers within the marine and watersports sectors.

With the added assistance of the SSI programs we can provide a high quality & consistent learning process that makes the most of students’ abilities & interests to produce well-trained & enthusiastic professionals. They will meet & exceed the needs of employers & will be useful & reliable team members with knowledge & practice in the most up to date procedures & processes.

Our education chain ensures that anyone can join at any point in the process depending on previous experience & personal specialisations & from any other SSI training facility worldwide.

We want to share our passion for the water with all our customers in whatever form that may take & we relish the opportunity to produce great swimmers in various fields & provide first class lifeguards & safe swimming environments now & for years to come.