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Frogs Rescue Program (12 + years)

The way to become a Rescue Swimmer


By moving through Frogs’ step-by-step rescue program, you can learn techniques and how to save a life with water skills that will last a lifetime. Gain simple, effective ways of how to proceed in an emergency situation and achieve safe rescue skills.

In the Red Sea Riviera, as in any watersports destination, there are many unnecessary accidents in the water every year.

Many of these accidents could have been prevented by regular pool users and beach goers knowing how to react in an emergency.

There is an enormous potential to improve the water skills of the general public with professional training of rescue skills.

Frogs further developed an Accident Prevention Campaign “Care for Safety” to be aware of the risks in the water even before accidents occur.

We can tailor any course to suit your needs by evaluating your current rescue competencies and skills and then provide friendly, useful advice and suggestions for swimming style improvement and lifesaving skills. This can be done in specific workshop style sessions or in a more informal setting depending on preference and the number of participants.

Participants who successfully complete a rescue course with Frogs will receive an internationally recognised Emergency Responder qualification.