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Care for Dolphins was founded by Dolphin Watch Alliance and Frogs Swim Academy to explain and sensitize people about the needs of dolphins. Only who have knowledge & understands about the subject can willing to protect and take care of it!


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The magnificent diversity of marine life in the Red Sea, makes Hurghada one of the top diving destinations in the world. Recently, swimming with wild dolphins has become another popular tourist attraction offered by a variety of agencies in the area.

In reef areas such as Fanous West and Shaab el Erg multiple tourist boats and zodiacs follow the dolphins for several hours. Boats often approach directly into the group without maintaining safe distance. Immense numbers of tourists jump from the boats directly into the group of dolphins. The present “dolphin watching and swimming” activity is often performed without any respect for the wild living animals and injuries and stress of the bottlenose dolphins is not consciously taken into account. Inattentive boat driving is not only a serious risk for the dolphins but also divers on the dive sites are in danger.

Studies show that dolphins change their behavioral activities, speed and movement, vocalization and even their group structure as a result of the presence of too many boats that come into close proximity. This may have a strong impact on the survival of these highly intelligent animals, both at the individual and population level. Data of the project “Dolphin Watch Natural Underwater Science” shows that the reef area of Fanous West is an important resting place for dolphins. More than 180 Indo‐Pacific bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) have been identified in the area of Hurghada by using photo‐identification techniques.The disturbance by boat activity may be a serious threat as female dolphins mainly nurse their calves while resting. Thus a reduction in the time spent resting could also reduce the time available for nursing, which could result in lower offspring survival.




The intention of “Care for Dolphins”

Successful conservation is dependent on adequate research and education, therefore “Care for Dolphins” concentrates on the following objectives:

Support the future research of the project

“Dolphin Watch Natural Underwater Science” to get more information about Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in the Hurghada area and their needs. Substantial knowledge of these highly sociable animals is essential in order to be able to protect them.

Promote awareness to locals and tourists through educational programs:

Auge Teaching children in schools about dolphins and their needs
Auge Organizing swim & awareness camps during holidays for children
Auge Public presentations about bottlenose dolphins living in the Hurghada area explaining how to interact with them in a sustainable way


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