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Care for Safety

Awareness is the first step to safety

Underestimating risks can lead to accidents…

Overestimating swimming abilities can lead to dangerous situations…

We want to develop a risk awareness culture within our community, to inform and educate children and adults of risks in the water.

Children playing in the water make noise. When they go quiet, you need to check on them and find out why.


Auge To recognise the potential hazards

Auge To understand the risks and what could happen

Auge To not ignore what you already know

Auge To take into account the risks to yourself when taking action

Did you know that:

Auge Most accidents in the water happen to those who can already swim.

Auge Toddlers and children drown silently – they can’t and won’t call for help

Worldwide statistics show that for children below school age accidental death is top of the list.

After this age, and right up to and throughout adulthood, accidental death always comes in the top 3 globally.

The most important things to remember in accident prevention:

Always, stay near to the child whether they are in or around the water! Keep little ones within reach!

Always, use a safe quality swimming aid for non-swimmers!

Teach a child to be a safe swimmer as soon as possible!


We want to achieve the best safety standards for all families and children within our community and that everyone should incorporate them into their daily lives.