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We care about safety and want to achieve the best safety standards for all families and children within our community; we believe that everyone should be aware of safety and incorporate it into their daily lives.

Our Care for Safety campaign has proved to be extremely successful throughout our whole range of programs. It is about sharing our knowledge, to help you prevent the unthinkable from happening to any child.

We decided to take our campaign to the community. Our Care for Safety Communicators utilise a child-appropriate program to raise the risk awareness in & around the water for the little ones.

Supplied by us:

Auge "Water Safety" Workshops by our Care for Safety Communicators in the nursery – to motivate the children to learn to swim, teaching them risk awareness including introducing our safety rules in a nice and playful way

Auge Information for parents about the dangers and risks in and around the water

Auge Discussion forums for parents about swimming safety rules

Our workshops are designed to teach children the swimming rules in a fun and playful way using practical activities and experiments.

We use worksheets and games and allow the children to be hands on with experiments to help them understand “what floats” and “what sinks” in water.