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Water Safety

Watersports andswimming are the most common activities here in the Red Sea. However, fun in the sun mixed with the pleasures of the water can have a darker side if you are not aware of the risks. We’re talking about the worst case scenario: Drowning. This is why we developed our own risk awareness and accident prevention campaign: “Care for Safety”.

We have combined American and European Safety standards into our Egyptian lifestyles and integrated them into our community through our swimming courses. Water safety and safety in general are extremely important for everyone from everywhere.

We want to give back to our community by making everyone aware of the risksin the water, addressing adults as well as children. Too many near-drowning and drowning incidents occur every year in pools, bathtubs and in open water all over the world.

Drowning Facts

Most parents and relatives of victims thought their family member could swim well enough; either they underestimated the risks in the water or conversely they overestimated the swimming skills.

By recognising a risk, you can prevent the unthinkable from happening to your family member!

Drowning victim statistics (according to the latest European statistics)

Auge 78% are men

Auge 8% are women

Auge 14% are children up to 14 years

Auge Toddlers can drown in a depth of only 5cm of water!

Auge Children drown silently and are unable to call for help!

Auge Children who are unable to swim do NOT fight against drowning and sink to the bottom like a stone! They are unable to call for help!

Auge The main cause of children drowning accidents is the negligence of the parent or supervisor


What is drowning?

A common misconception of drowning is that it is caused by swallowing lots of water. This is not the case. Drowning actually occurs when water first comes into contact with the larynx (voice box).

Fact: 1 out of 5 drowning accidents are fatal, 4 out of 5 victims are resuscitated but left with a lifelong disability caused by lack of oxygen to the brain!

Water Safety means providing competent supervision at all times!

Almost all drowning accidents from children can be prevented:

Always, stay near to the child whether they are in or around the water! Keep little children within reach.

Always, use a safe quality swimming aid for non-swimmers!

Teach a child to be a safe swimmer as soon as possible!

Never swim alone for long distances, even if you are a good swimmer!

Note: "paddling" in the water or diving under the water is not swimming!

Safety first: The difference between being a swimmer or a SAFE swimmer is all about using the proper swimming technique and self-rescue competencies!


Learning to become a SAFE swimmer is the best prevention! FROGS SWIM ACADEMY can show you how!

NEVER leave your toddler under the supervision of older siblings in or near the water, only a reliable adult can take on this responsibility!

NEVER allow your child, who is not a proved safe swimmer yet, in or near the water without an approved floatation device!

Did you know? 90% of all accidents involving children in and around the water occur due to the absence of adult supervision or a lack of responsible surveillance!

If, despite following all these precautions, something should happen, or you witness an accident, try to remain calm and act quickly.


Auge Immediately, take the child out of the water and do NOT try to remove any inhaled water from the lungs or stomach. Every second counts!

Auge If the child is not breathing, and you or someone else in the vicinity has medical first aid training, give 5 rescue breaths immediately and begin CPR if necessary. (30 chest compressions to every 2 breaths)

Auge Call the emergency services 123 here in Egypt

We offer Medical First Aid courses where you will be trained by FROGS SWIM ACADEMY Egypt to administer first aid to the victim whilst awaiting the arrival of medical emergency services. The first response is the most important response.



A child is considered to be a safe swimmer when it has-self rescue competencies and can demonstrate water safety exercises like rolling into the water, staying in the same place for at least one minute and then swimming non-stop for at least 50m and by performing these skills consecutively.

Frogs Swim Academy can carry out a Water Safety Check with your child to ensure that they can fulfil these self-rescue competencies making them what we call a ‘Safe Swimmer’.

Protect not only your child, but also yourself from accidents in the water. We can help you to fulfil this aim and furthermore, we can teach you to become a rescue swimmer and consideration of potential risks in and around the water.


Frogs Lifeguard Academy can instruct you on becoming an SSI life-saver following the latest international resuscitation standards. The watersports sector offers great job opportunities for you as an internationally certified SSI Lifeguard.