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SSI Adults Program (18 + years)

It’s never too late to learn to swim. Enjoy the water at any age with self-rescue and water relaxation skills. Even if there are phobias or fears – We know how to overcome these!

Our adults program is for all abilities – those who have never swum before and wish to gain confidence in the water. Also, those who are already swimmers but want to improve their stroke technique or would like to swim in the sea having previously only used pools.

Overall wellbeing and health are so much in the headlines these days and we are offering a safe and inexpensive way of keeping fit and healthy not just for a short period of time, but for a complete lifestyle change.

We also want to give women who have not had the opportunity to swim before a chance to gain confidence and independence by learning safe swimming either in pools or in the sea. In our multicultural society we understand that there may be different requirements and will always try to take these into account in our swim training.


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We can individualise your lesson for your particular needs and goals and make your swimming time with us enjoyable and productive.