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Water Safety Check (3 + years)

The Water Safety Check is an assessment of swimming skills where the instructor will ask the student to complete age-appropriate criteria which, once completed, will prove that the swimmer can be deemed as a ‘safe’ swimmer and move on to higher levels within our swim programs.


Swimming skills required for passing the Water Safety Check:

  1. Swim technique above average
  2. Relax on the back motionless (Jelly Belly)
  3. Tread water (Jumping Water Frog)
  4. Swim on the back unassisted
  5. Dive for an object
  6. Dive a certain distance
  7. Roll backwards into the water without assistance
  8. Roll forward into the water
  9. Swim with an object raised out of the water
  10. Swim through waves
  11. Climb out of the pool unassisted
  12. Knowledge of the swimming rules

Parents will receive an evaluation form following the assessment to show which skills they have achieved and which still need to be worked on. This check is assessed according to age.